The Benefits Of Asset Maintenance Software

Asset Maintenance Software

Asset maintenance software is a simple and flexible tool for maintaining the assets of an organization. It contains details of scheduled equipment maintenance, the procedures required, records historical details, estimated job times and provides centralized reporting on the state of a companies asset inventory.

Asset maintenance software is essentially tool to assist, control and manage the maintenance of the assets of an organization. It is used by organizations such as schools, shopping centers, industrial and manufacturing plants and hospitals. According to an industry wide survey, over $1 trillion dollars is spent annually to maintain operational assets.

Asset Maintenance Software

The evolution of various maintenance management systems originated in the year 1960 and with a growing demand for asset management and preventative maintenance software, the EAM (Enterprise Management system) was born. These systems managed the important aspects of the organizations asset base like planning, designing and maintenance. Today, this software has evolved to include internet based modules such as web based equipment maintenance software.

Heavy equipment maintenance software allows senior managers to run regular reports to check asset status. Reports can be scheduled for a weekly or monthly timeframe and run automatically. This includes scheduled downtime for routine maintenance, equipment availability and replacement availability for assets out of operation. It is an efficient way for managers to stay on top of key operational details. The system can be updated on a regular basis so that companies are always informed about the status of equipment.

There are many types of asset maintenance software on the market. The choice of software for an organization requires ascertaining operational best fit. One company that provides asset maintenance solutions is Pinnacle. A brief summary of product offerings is contained below:

(a) Pinnacle Enterprise edition for asset facility and maintenance management: This software is designed for managers who want to receive the best out of their organization's assets. It can manage assets from the 'cradle to the grave'. Features include: planned maintenance, scheduling, asset tracking, budget and financial maintenance and lease management.

(b) Pinnacle Web Express asset maintenance software: This edition of the software allows web access and integration to maintain the assets of a company in a simple way through multiple databases. It offers the ability to change and records details of the assets custodian.

(c) Pinnacle Walkabout software: This edition of the software supports mobile use to connect to a companies asset maintenance system. With real time asset tracking, data collection and stock taking capabilities, this software is a versatile mobile solution. Asset maintenance software is an essential tool for maintaining the assets of an organization. It's conferred benefits provide much needed functionality for managing a companies asset base.

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