Common Uses For Computer Audit Software

Computer Audit Software

Computer audit software is software that analyzes statistics, extracts them and creates reports on them for database tables or data files. The software is also used to reformat data and information by running command language statements. By using command language statements, it is easier to audit analytical procedures. The software incorporates a technique referred to as 'computer assisted audit technique' which greatly simplifies streamlines and enhances audit procedures.

Computer auditing software identifies patterns and helps to avoid errors and unusual conditions. The software provides database processing, error detection and prevention of fraud. Auditors work on computer audit software and simplify tasks such as stratification, sampling, classification and summarization procedures.

Computer Audit Software

Educational audit software supports Excel and provides a wide range of analytical tools useful for auditing and manipulating database SQL or statistics. The software includes different type of queries for audit procedures which can be run on the web and shared on a collaboration basis.

There are some general software solutions for auditing known as generalized audit software (GAS), which are useful tools for computer based auditing. They can be used to gain access to data stored on storage media for analytical purposes and to evaluate the quality of records on application systems. There is a number of GAS audit software available in the market that varies in quality and features. The buyer is recommended to investigate the alternatives before making a choice. These software packages contain a series of program routines to read files on the computer, select information, perform repeat calculations and generate reports on audits. The software enables the auditors to have direct access to these records and to deal with them efficiently. This permits scanning, testing, and summarizing the data in the files. The following are some of the useful tasks performed by pc audit software:

(i) The software examines the quality of records on the basis of consistency, completeness and correctness.

(ii) Computer audit tools make calculations and verify the results.

(iii) The software has the ability to compare records on two separate files.

(iv) The software generates samples for audit.

(v) Computer audit software summarizes data and re-sequences the data according to the location in the inventory.

(vi) The software compares the data records of the selected company for verification purposes.

Computer audit software automates what would ordinarily be mundane and time consuming tasks. This improves productivity, reduces labor costs and provides companies with powerful reporting functionality for the interpretation, categorization and classification of data.


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