The Organizational Benefits Of Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management is a management system that, through an automated software process, manages the entire activities related to the company's assets. Although facilities and operational assets are major investments of an organization, they are often carelessly handled by the company. Enterprise asset management centralizes the management process and allows companies to manage assets from the 'cradle to the grave'. This saves operational costs, improves productivity, assists with strategic decision making and helps a company to extend the useful life of their asset base.

With enterprise asset management systems the organization utilizes an integrated suite of tools to manage assets in an efficient manner. Theses tools permit tracking, managing, evaluating and reporting on fixed or mobile assets throughout the entire organization. The most popular tools that handle the above mentioned functions are hand held scanners, web browsers and mobile tablet PCs with enterprise asset management software installed on them. This permits companies that operate in a geographically dispersed manner or in remote locations to maintain control over critical company assets and prevent loss or corporate theft.

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management tracks depreciations, leases, ownership, maintenance, market value and generates a report on items for management decisions. Bar code enabled asset management software can scan and print bar codes for inventory control of important assets. Software management systems can automatically scan workstations to audits desktops for hardware, software, external device connection, data removal and retrieval. It serves as a security precaution and information flow manager for critical systems purposes. This maintains data integrity and safeguards the organization from potential system attacks that could comprise critical information flows.

With enterprise asset management packages, it is simple to track assets such as telephones, software, printers, servers and workstations. For new system or equipment requirements, additional categories can be added to track information such as equipment leases, warranties, claims, repairs and maintenance. . Enterprise management software also comes equipped with am inbuilt search engines to instantly locate and retrieve vital data and background information about any desired asset. The history of the asset is recorded for ongoing reference and reporting.

Information and data about assets may be required by senior managers to make decisions about maintenance, ownership, inventory and locate assets that are missing or unaccounted for. With the modern advancements and system integration that is now possible with asset management software, organizations can derive significant business benefit by adopting an enterprise asset management solution. It will streamline asset management processes and add significant organizational value that will extend to a companies bottom line.


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