The Rise Of Global Asset Management

Global Asset Management

With the advent of the internet, global asset management is becoming more integrated in retail circles as information is now more widely available. In the past, global asset management opportunities have been confined to the ranks of the elite who have access to superior knowledge and financial advisors within the ranks of the investment banks. Since the growth of the internet, information is now widely shared across the globe and this communication channel has opened up exposure, awareness and opportunities for people of all levels.

Investment funds that are structured with diversified worldwide portfolios are one way the retail advisor can get access to global asset management opportunities. International funds structure their portfolios with exposure to sectors in different countries. This exposes the funds to the upside potential of emerging economies. The recent rises in countries such as China, Brazil and India have seen the emergence of funds with share concentration in these areas. Exchange traded funds that comprise a basket of stocks from selected countries or sectors are another way to gain global investment exposure. ETF's are becoming an important way to get access to emerging economies that do not allow outright access to foreign investors.

Global Asset Management

For a specialized investment approach, an investment professional that specializes in global capital management can help you structure your portfolio accordingly. Because the needs of every client is unique, relationship managers are trained to understand your attitude to risk and investment objectives. By creating short, medium and long term strategies to assist in achieving those goals, funds can be allocated across global asset classes.

Some retail brokers now offer access to international markets. Whether you are looking to buy units in an international fund or take share positions in emerging markets, you can setup an account with the relevant institution and self manage your funds. This is only applicable to individuals who are confident and experienced enough to take a proactive role to managing their money. With integrated exchange rate calculations built into the transaction mechanism, individuals can transact in multiple currencies from one account.

Global capital management is big business and the trend is set to continue in the years to come. With foreign access to countries such as China starting to emerge, the integration of the world economy is becoming more apparent. This will influence global asset managers who will face an increasing choice of products to choose from both at an institutional and retail level.

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