Hardware Audit Software: Monitor Networks For Accountability And Reporting

Hardware Audit Software

Hardware audit software is important for organizations that want to maintain accountability and track valuable hardware assets. Hardware monitoring software provides companies with a platform to record hardware assets, determine purchase dates, anticipate replacement schedules and costs, audit for depreciation, report insurance requirements and account for and prevent corporate theft. Centralizing the recoding of critical hardware data saves on administration time, improves productivity and reduces the costs that get absorbed when companies mismanage resources. It should be considered as part of a companies information technology mandate.

Hardware Auditing Software Scan Functionality: One advantage of hardware management software is that it allows companies to scan enterprise wide assets such as printers, routers and switches using a centralized network scan. By providing in-depth details about hardware details, companies can maintain records on operating systems, hard disks and ram slots. With the ability to schedule inventory management reports, information technology and senior management staff can be kept up to date on the state of company hardware assets. The functionality of this software includes the ability to detect external connecting devices. Companies can stay informed about who accessed which terminal, when, and what type of data was removed or added to the terminal. This is critical for maintaining system integrity and detecting unwanted and unauthorized use of company proprietary data.

Hardware Audit Software

Typical Components Monitored By Hardware Audit Software: Keyboards, parallel ports, printers, hard disk drives, disk volume size, monitors, network adapters, floppy drives, CD-ROM drives, processors, BIOS, video controllers, sound devices and physical memory cards.

Hardware Monitoring Assists Software Management: Companies can also use hardware audit software to assign workstations by login control, determine space requirements for software installation, monitor operating system status for patches and upgrades and assist with software management. Some software suites come integrated with dual modules that support hardware and software aspects. This provides the multidimensional ability to manage total system requirements.

Hardware Audit Software Remote Access: With the ability to access systems remotely through the web, it support staff can monitor networks and machines from any geographical location. This minimizes the need for on site support staff and assists help desk staff to identify solutions.

Hardware audit software information can be used for establishing budgets and proactively managing organizational changes. Whether you want to manage the full asset lifecycle or manage systems on a micro level, adopting a hardware monitoring platform can assist companies to make important decisions that have a direct impact on the company bottom line.

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