Help Desk Asset Tracking Software: Control Your Support Requirements

Help Desk Asset Tracking Software

With the ongoing challenge for organizations to increase productivity and profits, helpdesk asset tracking software can help companies reduce the costs of support information technology personnel, increase productivity and align asset management with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. By providing a tool of empowerment, the it department can understand how the various it components support business systems and influence the decision making process. With labor and resources competing for opportunity cost, software that automates tasks, improves processes and eliminates downtime can contribute significant performance improvement.

Help desk asset tracking enhances an organizations financial planning by identifying company assets and their relationships. Dependencies can be forecasted, asset replacement guidelines established and maintenance programs scheduled to maintain system integrity. The reporting functionality provided by this software empowers senior managers to be proactive in their overall management approach. Maintenance can be organized ahead of time, downtime minimized and productivity levels maintained in what would otherwise be a difficult manual tasks to perform. This is particularly so in organizations with multiple business units where the software centralizes critical information needs and supports transparent decision making.

Help Desk Asset Tracking Software

Since the advent of the internet, support staff can now login to a remote interface and immediately establish the status of company hardware and software. Help desk internet software permits the ability to peruse historical records of workstations across multiple platforms, help desk support personnel can pinpoint problems and identify solutions. The built in scanning capability of today's helpdesk asset tracking software allows individuals to scan networks or individual sub stations. Help desk call center software provides trouble ticketing, integrated knowledge bases and FAQ systems provide immediate frontline support for company wide personnel to refer to.

Common Features of Help Desk Asset Tracker Software:

(a) complete hardware inventory reporting

(b) remote assessment of work stations

(c) detailed record keeping of software installations

(d) scheduled reporting of systems for email to senior management or it personnel

(e) automatic detection mechanisms for determining missing software and manually installing

(f) security checks to identify unlicensed software

(g) identify prohibited applications

(h) configuration of reports for management

Helpdesk asset tracking software aligns business and asset management needs by providing a comprehensive toolset comprising change management, configuration management, incident management and problem management. The toolsets enable service organizations, distributors and manufacturers to save time and money by optimizing the asset management lifecycle. By improving staff productivity, eliminating capital costs associated with holding idle inventory and strengthening organizational reporting and decision making, help desk asset tracking software can bring measurable results to a companies bottom line.

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