License Manage Software: Reduce Manual Auditing

License Manage Software

License management services are those services that ensure the enforcement of software licensing agreements in an effective manner. License management software is software that provides this type of service in a software solution. The use of license software systems enable their users to centrally manage and audit the licenses for software installed on computers throughout the organization. Companies that want to license manage software can reduce support time traditionally required by manual it support staff.

License management software is a great tools for reducing the work load of staff members who are used to doing this job manually. Imagine having to do an audit for a company that consists of thousands of individual computer terminals. This type of audit would require the dedication of a full time staff member or the regular contracting to outside support staff. With the advancement in computer technology, license tracking software permits the automatic performance of tasks to collect data related to software licenses. This software can also identify unexpected changes in the license configuration of the software. These software systems can generate and maintain the software asset's history in order to help come up with some decisions related to software license management.

License Manage Software

License management software can be purchased as an independent standalone module or it can also be integrated with other modules related to the inventory management of an organization.

Complete license management software does the following:

(i) It can manage different types of licenses like enterprise, OEM, Volume, CAL etc.

(ii) It maintains a record of the licenses that are purchased and the cost of purchasing them including related documents like purchase orders and contracts.

(iii) It allocates licenses to their proper designations in the organization.

(iv) It automates the management system responsible for managing the software licenses.

ManageSoft Compliance License Manager is a type of license manager software. It supports software license management from the 'cradle to the grave'. It offers many benefits like improved ways to negotiate with vendors, better planning for infrastructure, better ways for software deployment, reduction of risk, and an increase in efficiency. These benefits also include hardware asset management, reporting and support for process and work flows. The software also complies with ISO 19770 and ITIL standards.

The software helps to maintain license data by performing activities like reconciliation of data from various data sources, license allocation tracking, support for various types of licenses, collection of data documents like contracts and leases in relation to the assets, and the streamlining of work flow and processes. The license manage software provides benefits by controlling the risk and cost associated with planning infrastructure.


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