Network Asset Tracking: Track And Manage Nodes

Network Asset Tracking

Network asset tracking is a new way of tracking network inventory that has arisen in recent years. With the growth in size of some companies, the independence of business units is becoming blurred as companies increasing integrate and share information for decision making purposes. With the huge inflow and outflow of information to cater to the needs of companies, it is next to impossible to manage and track information manually. Sophisticated network asset tracking systems are put in place to track and record information related to the location of equipment, services, usage, the maintenance of assets and ancillary information. This centralized control increases productivity and security and eliminates the need for additional information technology support personnel.

The following example provides a first hand account of the utilization of network asset software:

Network Asset Tracking

Network asset tracker software is a type of software that, without installing the software on to the users PC, can generate network inventory. With just a click of a button, all the nodes in a network can be scanned within a matter of few seconds. It extracts all the information related to OS, service packages, software, hardware, and processes and compiles a centralized report that can be distributed to important information technology and management personnel. It is essentially a centralized system that records the state and components of the independent nodes that comprises infrastructure of the companies network.

Network asset management software records information such as the operating systems type, build, version and product key. It provides a detailed history of implemented service packs, user name, host name and installed software. It can also maintain a complete breakdown of hardware components such as the type of processor in use, the vendor name, serial numbers and BIOS information. It also provides security feature functionality which can protect an organization proprietary data and prohibit access.

Network asset tracker software requires compatibility unit specification to run. This includes operating system requirements, hardware requirements, memory capacity, hard disk space, processor speed and monitor requirements. Vendors providing network asset tracker software can advise of system requirements prior to purchase. For the most part, a standard personal computer can handle the software but it is advisable to check prior to purchase.

The centralized control of network asset tracking software usually originates form one terminal. The dependent nodes have copies of the software that interfaces with the main program. This provides the monitoring and reporting functionality that comprises the network asset tracking system.


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