How Network Audit Software Assists Organizations

Network Audit Software

Network audit software provides a framework for organizations to maintain control over its hardware and software. By automating and centralizing what is conventionally a time consuming task, companies can reduce information technology staff dependency, increase security, and protect valuable infrastructure through security access monitoring. Network auditing software is both a time saver, productivity increaser and tool which can assist companies to maintain control over valuable information technology systems.

Components of Network Tracking Software

Network Audit Software

Network Inventory Audit Software: One of the features of network audit software is the ability to determine what hardware and software is installed on site wide machines. This allows companies to protect machines form unwarranted intrusive software and allows determination of external device access to data that is proprietary in nature. Critical patch management updates can be instituted on the fly to address security or service issues. With built in distribution management, you can centrally distribute and install new software throughout the network within minutes. This is a valuable time saver by eliminating the need for it support staff and avoiding employee downtime associated with self installation.

Network Monitoring: The ability to schedule reports for determining changes in software and hardware against a compiled organizational database maintains system and network integrity. These email alerts can be distributed to management by email or sent to mobile information technology staff. The software can also support remote access with eliminates the need for it support staff, minimizes work disruptions and maximizes help desk efficiency. With built in rollback capability, companies can protect critical applications, restore them to working order and institute self healing automatically to detect and fix common application problems.

Network Audit Software: This software checks systems against a compiled database for license verification. This permits organizations to maintain rigid control over unsupported and unlicensed software. With heavy corporate penalties applicable to organizations that breach license agreements, this software is an insurance safety net that can protect a company from this risk. Regularly scheduled audit jobs and reporting functionality assists information technology staff to keep machines free of potential malicious software that could damage or compromise an individual machine and potentially spread throughout the entire organization.

With the increased exposure of companies to the internet, protecting the integrity of a companies systems is paramount. Network audit security software can assist companies to stay ahead of potential threats, isolate and minimize damage if unfortunate incidents happen to manifest. It is important that a company consider this software as part of its overall information technology mandate.

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